KCKH One Month Hiatus

I am very sorry but I just recently got into a car accident. I seriously have no strength to edit any Keep Calm designs.
Although I said one month, depends on how quickly I will recover, I will return as quickly as possible!
Thank you for staying with me!
I may have a small amount of followers compared to any others kpop acc, however, I am, sincerely, very thankful to each and everyone of you for liking all of my random and ugly edits.
Thank you!

Me at Block B's Miami Showcase

  • <b> Expectation:</b> Hair flipping. Eyes flirting. Saying Hi to each member softly and gently so I'll appear more prettily.<p><b>Reality:</b> I GRABBED PARK KYUNG'S HAND AND SCREAMED (desperately) INTO HIS FACE "OPPA NEOMU JOHAYO".<p>